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    Big Omaha SEO & Web Design Company has held more first ranking positions on Google for terms related to SEO in Omaha than any other website since April of 2013. Why pay more with other Omaha SEO services when can’t even get their own site to the top?

  • Affordable & Professional Omaha Web Design

    Our Omaha web design team has built dozens of professional websites for local clients, and using the efficient system we have developed, we can build you a site that represents your brand well, priced for small to medium sized business & organizational budgets.

#1 Omaha SEO Expert Services Company on Google Since 2013 & Best of Omaha 2016 Winner in Local Search Engine Optimization

Professional & Affordable Web Design for Local SMBs

Our Omaha web design team uses a streamlined process to build professional websites for clients – without breaking the bank. We use a mix of off-the-shelf software and custom work from our team of talented Omaha web design freelancers to keep costs affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.


Google’s #1 Ranked Local SEO Company Since 2013

Holding onto the top rank on Google hasn’t been easy, but we rank first because – unlike competitors – we stay focused on local search engine optimization fundamentals, & have stayed on top since April, 2013 because we adapt with the industry & never roll the dice with shortcuts or gimmicks.


  • While having a pretty website does have its benefits, our Omaha web design team knows that the real purpose for the sites we build for clients is that they convert traffic into revenue. The work we do starts with making sure your website design represents your business well, and fits with your overall branding, but the end goal is making it more likely that people who visit your site become paying customers.

  • Like roughly one out of four websites in the world, we build exclusively on the WordPress platform. This allows us to build sites with far more multifunctional and well designed, using a combination of open source and premium paid plugins and themes, to deliver an end result that would cost several times more than if you had to pay programmers and web designers to custom code it by hand.

  • The system we’ve developed over the last few years of building websites for clients allows us to offer packages often thousands lower than our competitors. We can do this because our efficient, step by step system streamlines most of the work – we’ve already broken down how to efficiently deliver the functionality we know small to medium sized businesses and organizations want on their sites.

  • Omaha SEO is shorthand for localized search engine optimization – activities that lead to your website ranking higher for things people type into sites like Google when they’re looking for sites like yours. SEO has the best ROI of any online marketings options, as the sort of highly targeted traffic you get from people already actively searching for your sort of business is just about the best traffic possible.

  • There is no point in ranking first if you don’t attract the right traffic. Every smart optimization project has to start with research – not only to find out what the search terms you should focus on are, but also looking into how your highest ranked competition got to the top, if there are link sources specific to your niche that can be leveraged, content ideas for your website and other online properties, etc.

  • The phrase ‘content is king’ is even more true now with Omaha SEO than it was in the past – content written for your website is the foundation on which the rest of your search optimization project is built. Our writers and optimizers can make sure your content is properly targeted, laid out well on the page, interspersed with media and generally works well for both people and search engines.


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Four Pillars of an Omaha Web Design & Optimization Revamp or Build Project


Omaha SEO = More Customers

Locally focused search engine optimization is the most cost-effective way for local businesses to get a leg up on competitors online. Every day potential customers are using search engines to find businesses like yours – let the #1 ranked Omaha SEO company on Google help you get found first.

“It is not the job of search engine optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of SEO to genetically re-engineer the Web site so that it becomes an eagle.”
– Bruce Clay

Affordable Web Design

Our efficient, step-by-step system enables our Omaha web design team to build sharp, professional websites for clients that convert and represent your brand well, for a fraction of the price of the major local website design agencies.


Our Five Phase SEO & Web Design Process

#1 Omaha SEO Company + Affordable Web Design = Best Online Marketing ROI You’ll Find in Town

Three Payment Options
  • The most frequent option chosen by clients is by phase, meaning that you’ll pay for one phase of the project (usually there are 2 or 3, depending on size), that phase will begin and you can choose to begin the next phase either when that is finished, or when it is nearly done.

  • The next most popular choice is monthly, where a project is broken up into X number of monthly units. This is mainly for those who would like to have a flat amount to add to their monthly budgets. Ongoing work is usually structured this way.

  • Ala carte work is usually smaller, so is paid for before it begins, but can be broken up into monthly units phases as well. For clients in a rush, you can choose to pay for everything up-front, allowing us to work on all phases as soon as we can.

  • Getting help from Solomon at Big Omaha SEO is one the best business decisions I've made. He didn't just help us with our website, but gave a bunch of really good general business, guerrilla marketing and sales advice as well.

    - Cay C., Owner, Nerdtron Studios


Building Website Functionality You’ll Use
  • Our Omaha web design team builds websites exclusively on the WordPress platform, both for our own websites, and for client sites. We use WordPress because it enables us to leverage off-the-shelf design work and plugins that result in websites that look better, are easier to use by both admins and people surfing the site, are much easier to update, add content to and add functionality to than hand coded sites, all for a thousands less than if you pay someone to build a site from scratch.

    The site you’re looking at is a perfect illustration of this. Instead of spending thousands to add live chat, appointment booking and project management functionality to the latest revamp of our site, it cost us a few hundred in labor and off-the-shelf premium WordPress plugins from third-party vendors.

  • With the increasing proliferation of mobile, web-enabled devices, it’s now more important than ever that businesses – especially local businesses – optimize their website designs for smaller screens, collect positive reviews and and set up their listings and social profiles correctly, to pull in quality mobile traffic.

    Our Omaha web design team understands that making a website mobile-friendly is more than just making sure it looks good on a smartphone. Just like this website does at smartphone-sized screens, we can make sure it’s very easy for people to call you if they surf your site from their phones and/or tablets, make sure that your site is easy to navigate on small screens, is as light on data as it can be and is hosted on a server that will deliver it quickly – all ranking factors for mobile search on Google now.

  • In the past, you could get away with essentially having a static, online version of a pamphlet of your business as your website, but people are getting used to websites that are more and more engaging. Like you see on our site here, people who come to your site will be more likely to stay on your site (a ranking factor on Google) and become paying customers if they find an interactive experience.

    This can include things like graphical elements that react visually to being hovered over or clicked, elements that shift or slide on a timer or when viewers scroll, live chat widgets that allow clients to communicate with you live if you are both logged in at the same time, having media like video – including motion graphic video that we can do for you, or optimize video you provide, or was produced by another vendor for you.

  • As the search engine algorithms have evolved to punish those “black hat” SEOs that try to game the system rather than earn their way to the top, Google has begun rewarding sites that keep people on them longer. Making sure that you have engaging content is more important than ever because of this, as well as making sure that your site is intuitive – built to be easy to use.

    One of the most important themes that all of the sites our Omaha web design team produce for clients have is that we ensure that the information people are looking to find on that website is easy to find – ideally only one or two clicks away. Web surfers are notoriously lazy, but if they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’ll be much more likely to be nudged toward your sales funnel.

  • Along the same lines of being easy to use, our Omaha web design team knows that you have to make sure that you gently nudge people who come to your site toward your sales funnel. This comes in many forms, from floating tabs on the side of the window asking people to contact you, having phone numbers easy to click on when readers see your site on their phone to sidebar links and buttons spread throughout regular site content and blog posts to nudge people toward whatever it is you want them to do on your site.

    These elements are called ‘Calls to Action’. There is a bit of an art and science to spreading them over your site enough so people will be more likely to see them at the right moment, without having so many that it seems like an online version of high-pressure sales tactics – looking spammy like that is counterproductive.



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What an ROI-Focused Omaha Web Design & SEO Team Delivers

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if it’s not built to convert traffic into actual sales, and few people find it online, then what would be the point in spending your marketing budget on it?

Our Omaha web design team builds professional websites that represent brands well, built from the ground up to direct traffic that comes to your site toward your sales funnel, and at a price local small to medium sized businesses can actually fit into their marketing budgets.

Working in conjunction with our local SEO expert, we’ll drive the best traffic you’ll find online toward your new streamlined sales funnel – those who are actively searching for businesses like yours on search engines.

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