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Solomon – our Lead Omaha SEO Expert

I was born and raised in Omaha, and grew up in the middle of the city – near 90th and Blondo. I went to St. Pius X / St. Leo for most of elementary and middle school (preschool, kindergarten and firstgrade in Millard), then on to Omaha North High School, primarily for their technology magnet program.

While I was never in a band or into doing theater myself (barring a bit of helping move stuff for people I knew in bands, and volunteering here and there for theatrical productions), I have a great many friends who are, and I’ve been a fan of the local local music & arts scene my whole life, and have been active in the community – with various grassroots and charitable organizations.

I have a degree in Political Science (I received credits from a few schools, but most are from Doane College, in Crete, NE), and before starting this Big Omaha SEO & Web Design Company, I had spent most of my post-college life writing and working in nonprofit and activism related fields.

How I came to become a local Omaha SEO expert is a bit of a strange story…


From Local Do-gooder Nerd to Omaha SEO Expert

Omaha SEO expert - Solomon Kleinsmith

Yours nerdily, at the Google cafe at a conference I went to in 2012

I originally taught myself how build websites for local grassroots and community groups I was involved with, and by getting into blogging and other online endeavors as a personal hobby.

I have always picked up on anything related to computers quickly. Being a computer nerd even before the phrase ‘world wide web’ had been coined, a couple other computer geeks and I heard about this internet thing in middle school, and we set out to get access.

You couldn’t buy access to the internet yet, but we heard that there was a way for UNO students to call into the university system with the terribly slow modems of the time, and that’s how we first got online – years before most people used the internet through AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, etc.


Early & Evolving Internet, SEO & Social Networking

Back then it was all white pixelated text and characters on a black background, and using Telnet prompts to access bulletin boards, text based games and things like ARCHIE and Gopher – early precursers to search engines that helped you find things on an internet that was a minescule sliver, of a tiny fraction of the size it is now.

Even back then, it was all about content and networking – it was just a lot more simple. Online marketing wasn’t really a thing for years. Display ads weren’t on most websites, which were much harder to build than they are now, and a lot more expensive.

Since the early 90’s, I’ve never been offline for more than a few days at a time. Over the years, I’ve read a great deal on internet marketing, but it wasn’t until the web was more widespread, and groups I was volunteering for wanted an online presence, that I began working on building or modifying them.

I saw that some of the sites I was helping with not get much traffic, and that the work they were putting into having websites wasn’t providing much of a return. I focusing on learning more about targeted traffic generation through blogging, message boards, social networking and search engine optimization (SEO) through books, blogs on internet marketing, trainings and webinars on related subjects.


Changing Focus to Local / Omaha SEO

This is where things got a lot more interesting, both for my evolution toward being an Omaha SEO expert, as well as for the search engine optimization and wider online marketing industry.

I already knew a good portion of what I started learning, just from having picked up things from here and there over the years, but with my writing background, SEO seemed to be the specialty within the digital marketing world that I seemed best suited to focus my efforts on.

This search engine optimization learning process sped up after I built and ran a few blogs. The sheer amount of content that it put out (I recruited a few dozen bloggers at our peak), gave me a great deal of content to experiment with – and without being active on search engines, along with other social networks, forums and other blogs, we just wouldn’t get much traffic.

The local organizations were mostly concerned with getting traffic from local area web surfers, but back then there wasn’t as much about search engine optimization that was localized.

This changed over the last several years, and really has picked up steam the last four years – right as I was entering the Omaha SEO business as a freelancer, and later as a contractor (which is what Big Omaha SEO & Web Design Company is – we are project managers that train freelancers that we delegate most of the work to, and handle our own marketing, client communication, editing & administration).

After I started building the original version (this site is probably accurately labeled version 3.0) of this site, and took a harder look at the websites of other Omaha SEO experts, it quickly became apparent that the other companies that were selling (rather expensive – well more than we do) SEO services in Omaha didn’t know as much about what they were selling as they made themselves out to knowing.

Frankly, I thought I was missing something. I looked at competition sites, didn’t see the things I was learning, and yet they ranked on page one for the biggest search terms related to Omaha and search engine optimization. I thought they knew secrets I wasn’t aware of… until I shot from nowhere to the very top of the rankings within a few short months.

Shortly thereafter I had to quit my part-time day job and do this full-time, and start training people to help. I tried hiring people, but nobody I could find seemed to know what they were talking about, so we merely start with people who have the core skillset needed. This mainly amounts to being able to write a decent sentence, which is oddly hard to find at times. I’d rather they don’t know anything about SEO to begin with, since that is so often wrong and it’s harder to untrain someone away from bad or outdated knowledge then teach them new.

We’ve stayed at the top ever since early 2013, and while a few new competitors have come into the Omaha market, and some of our competitors have gotten a bit better, we’ve become even better and better. We’ve added not just more Omaha SEO experts to our ranks, but also web designers, backend web people, social media people, pay per click advertising specialists and web designers – not to mention a network of partners that we know are great in areas we don’t do work in.

We continue to grow, are working on expansion outside of Omaha, and are adding video SEO & production, graphic design and a fuller range of web design options to our menu. We’re growing, and just like with our clients, the root of that growth is from the clientelle we connect with primarily because of how well we rank on Google, Yahoo & Bing.


Personal & Omaha SEO & Web Design Related Updates

We’ve been at the top of most of the terms that get traffic on Google for over two and a half years now. As I mentioned above, I’ve managed to find to train to delegate work to, so we can expand our capacity. This continues to be one of the biggest differences from many of our competitors, many of whom just take your money, pass part of it to some outsourcing company and have underpaid overseas workers do much to most of the work, then pass it off as being done by some local Omaha SEO expert.

When I first started this small-ish freelance company, none of that made sense to me, and still doesn’t. I thought that we could do a better job, with work done entirely by people in Omaha that I’ve personally trained and know, make fair wages and still charge less. So I put up a shingle / website, the business quickly began to grow and with help from the small group of people I found and trained – each of whom are better than I am at one thing or another – that has kept us at the top.

If you’re looking for an Omaha SEO expert agency that specializes in local, small business SEO services – we’re provably the best in the area. Don’t take our word for it: click here for a post in our blog about how to spot the difference between a real Omaha SEO expert and what I call ‘snake e-oil salesman’.

If you need an optimized site quickly and at an affordable price, want advice on social media and other online marketing, and want to bring in more customers from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well as other popular sites, Big Omaha SEO & Web Design Company is who you want to talk to.

Why go with someone else when it’s us who come up first on Google – where you want to be? Give us a call, or shoot us an email through the form above, and we can talk about what you’re looking for, and what we offer that can help your business grow.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Solomon Kleinsmith
Owner, Project Manager & Lead Optimizer
Big O! SEO & Web Design Co.

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